Chocolate peanut butter pretzel balls: Photo by Kristen Massad

Chocolate peanut butter pretzel balls: Photo by Kristen Massad

Chocolate is a favorite treat throughout the year, but the month of February makes us crave it a little more. With so many decadent recipes and creative ideas, it’s a great Valentine’s Day gift for the ones we love. Plus, everything tastes better with a little chocolate.

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1. Chocolate sugar lip scrub
A little scrub goes a long way, so why not throw in two of our favorite ingredients, chocolate and sugar? The lifestyle blog Live Laugh Rowe shows us how chocolate is not only delicious to eat but is also full of antioxidants and will rid you of those dry lips during cold weather.

2. Chocolate hazelnut spread
A rich addition to fruit, crackers or toast, this spread is a perfect gift to share. A combination of chocolate, hazelnuts, sugar, butter and cream featured on the website Epicurious, the treat also can be spooned over ice cream or swirled into brownies.

3. Hot chocolate spoons
With only three simple ingredients — sugar, cocoa powder and chocolate chips — these handmade chocolate molds from the Adventures of Cake Girl blog will keep you warm all winter long.

4. Chocolate almond bark
Chocolate bark is one of the easiest and prettiest gifts you can make. There are no rules and really no recipe required. Bon Appetit has a recipe for a salty, sweet bark, but feel free to sprinkle in your choice of nuts, dried fruit or candy pieces.

5. Chocolate cream shooters
Whether you need a cocktail or a mocktail, chocolate cream shooters will win your heart. Food Network shares one of its favorite chocolate drinks filled with rich chocolate syrup, half and half, and a shot of seltzer water to make it foam.

6. Chocolate peanut butter pretzel balls
Two pantry staples, peanut butter and pretzels, make it easy to whip these up for a Valentine’s Day celebration. This bite-size candy was created with the perfect amount of salty, sweet and crunch. It will be hard to have just one.

7. Chocolate caramels
These little gems fall somewhere between the chewiest caramels and decadent dark chocolate fudge. If you are a lover, play around with the different intensities and choose your favorite brand to make these bite-size confections your very own.