Courtesy Unrefined Bakery

Vanilla cupcakes: Courtesy Unrefined Bakery

Mother and daughter due Taylor Nicholson and Anne Hoyt opened their gluten free bakery in Old Lake Highlands in 2010. It was so well received that they have since opened multiple Unrefined Bakery locations.

It’s no wonder — their mouthwatering gluten-free brownies have hooked gluten eaters and gluten avoiders alike.

Then there are the seasonal faves, such as the vanilla cupcakes filled and topped with fresh caramel apples and a dollop of vanilla “unbutter” cream and caramel drizzle.

The proprietors offer an impressive and regularly updated inventory of pies, cakes, candies and other goodies — something Lake Highlands readers who awarded Unrefined the “Best Desserts” title know.

Nicholson and Hoyt know what it is like to have a restricted diet. They both have Celiac disease, a genetic autoimmune disease that makes sufferers sensitive to products with gluten, a protein found in wheat. It wasn’t easy learning to bake without gluten, that doughy substance that holds a muffin or a cupcake together, Hoyt says. She says Taylor kept plugging away until she discovered some great recipes. Now they are leading the way when it comes to wholesome, organic and gluten-free desserts.

“We want our food to be something the whole family will love, Nicholson says, regardless of their diet.”


Unrefined Bakery, 718 North Buckner Boulevard, Suite #154, 214.414.2414,

2nd place: Highland Park Cafeteria

3rd place: Nothing Bundt Cakes