Do a quick drive-by the southwest corner of Skillman and Church, and you’ll see that there isn’t too much action happening on land where 37 single-family homes will soon be erected.

Named “The Bordeaux at Lake Highlands,” the development currently consists of a nice street with two cul-de-sacs, along with un-gated entrances at both Church and Easton. Plus 37 vacant lots, captured via cell phone camera below:


Last spring, Mark Dann of Highland Classic Homes — who will build on three to six of the development’s 37 lots — said home prices in the development will start around $650,000. I contacted Dann to get the latest on the project. He sent an update via email that Highland Classic Homes is building on three to five lots, and construction will begin next month.

Basically, we can expect much more action at the “Bordeaux” in the months ahead.

I looked into the project a little more online and noticed that a number of builders are selling several lots in the development, including New Leaf Construction, Cambridge Homes, and Coventry Homes, to name a few. I spoke with Dean Street, sales counselor at Coventry Homes, who says that Coventry will build on 19 of the 37 lots — the bulk of the development.

Similar to the aforementioned Highlands Classic Homes, the Coventry homes will be single-family (not zero lot line) homes in the $570,000-$700,000 price range. Depending on the floor plan, the homes will be between 2,500-square-feet to 4,500-square-feet.

The Coventry website will go live with specific floor plans and prices on Tuesday, April 22. Street says that there has already been interest in the lots, even though they aren’t officially available for sale until this Saturday. He attributes the demand to what he calls “a very desirable” Lake Highlands location.

“You don’t see this many new homes going up together in this neighborhood too often. This is unlike any of our other communities,” he says. (And that is high praise, considering Coventry has six large home developments in DFW, plus developments in San Antonio, Houston and Austin.)

Though construction will start in the coming months, Street says it will take at least 18 months to build on the lots — and that’s just the 19 lots that Coventry is selling.

“We can sell up to three homes in the next couple months, and then after that, maybe sell two houses per month after that. Our concrete company can only deliver up to two home foundations a month. And, to maintain the quality that customers expect in this price range, we don’t just throw the homes together. It takes time,” Street says.

Update: Scott Powell, owner and general contractor at New Leaf Construction and Realty adds the following, confirming that home construction will begin soon:

“They’re supposed to be ready now to start work sometime in May (near end of May, most likely). New Leaf will build on three lots that are currently for sale (but can’t close until the May date). They are lots 10, 11, 12 (of inner block, not backing up to Walnut, Skillman, or commercial). There are two “blocks” in the development, so you’ll see the same lot number repeated on several lot numbers (really confusing for people). There will be addresses soon, which will be much less confusing.”