Dollar-signLong-time Lake Highlands resident Ginger Greenberg is Director of Communications at Consumer Credit Counseling Services. CCCS recently won a grant from United Way to help focus on educating families in Lake Highlands who struggle with personal financial issues.

To make the outreach as accessible as possible, CCCS is partnering with a number of local organizations. RISD is helping to host monthly classes at Forest Meadow Junior High and Lake Highlands High School, beginning Tuesday, January 28, at 6 p.m. at FMJH. The first class will be titled “Conquering Credit Scores and Reports.” Upcoming classes will address budgeting, getting out of debt, and money mistakes we make with our families.

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CCCS is also partnering with local non-profits  such as Healing Hands Ministries, Highlands Oaks Church of Christ, and the New Room at Skillman Crossing. Free classes help people who want to achieve greater financial stability and save for important goals. Episcopal Church of the Ascension is hosting an upcoming class on February 9 with tips on comparison shopping at the grocery store and coupon-clipping.

For more information on personal financial counseling classes, follow the links above, or call 214-540-6837.