Vickery Meadow Trans.lation: Scott Lumley

Vickery Meadow Trans.lation: Scott Lumley

In our January issue, we make an effort to focus on positive things happening in Lake Highlands. It’s a necessary balance to items like this one.

In addition to launching our series about solutions to crime and poverty, we covered efforts happening in Vickery Meadow, a high-density area bordering Lake Highlands.

Because it rained the day our Advocate photographer was supposed to photograph the November Trans.lation art event in the neighborhood, we published a photo taken last summer by Scott Lumley.

I came across Lumely on Facebook (who says Facebook is a waste of time?) after he posted an album of incredible images of Vickery Meadow residents, Trans.lation organizers and Vickery Meadow Improvement District volunteers.

A large portion of Vickery Meadow residents are refugees from war-torn countries. They often have lived through violence and extreme poverty; even here on the outskirts of Lake Highlands they must struggle to protect themselves and their children in one of Dallas’ most violent and crime-riddled areas. Their lives have not been easy in most cases.

At first glance the colorful and intricately embroidered clothing worn by some of the residents in the photographs struck me. Upon further inspection I was impressed by Lumley’s subjects’ sort of weary happiness, reflected in the lines and expressions — both subtle and blatant — on their faces. Aside from a couple folks in Trans.lation T-shirts, there is no obvious difference between the residents and volunteers (many of whom are Lake Highlands, East Dallas and Preston Hollow homeowners).

The Trans.lation project is bringing art and aesthetics — and thereby catharsis as well as simple, enjoyable recreation — to a population in need of a break from the seriousness and toughness of life; Scott’s photos, taken at the Trans.lation talent show last summer, reflect this idea.

The album is public and it is worth a view. If you’re not on Facebook, you can view all of his photos at Our loss, Scott recently moved to Thailand where he is capturing the unique loveliness of the residents there.

Screen shot of photographer Scott Lumley's Facebook album "Vickery Meadow's Got Talent"

Screen shot of photographer Scott Lumley’s Facebook album “Vickery Meadow’s Got Talent”