SAMSUNGThe year’s biggest stories, Advocate Lake Highlands, 2013

Our most popular coverage, by a landslide, was of the search and capture of a man who reportedly sexually assaulted three Lake Highlands women:

Police Launch Manhunt

Dallas Police Department Discusses Lake Highlands Rapist

Lake Highlands Rapist Captured, Police SayMan accused of Lake Highlands Rapes Could Have Been Deported

The so-called controversy over a speaker at Richardson High made national news. Our post about the school’s response was shared and viewed by thousands:

Richardson High Responds to Lookadoo Controversy

03-13_ED_LH_Cover_WR_T_optOur feature story last February about the many wonders of White Rock Lake was a popular one featuring some amazing people and beautiful photography from our Advocate shutterbugs. If you missed it, check it out:

What a Wonderful White Rock Lake World

My personal favorite story to write each year is published in our May issue. I couldn’t write the story without the assistance of Karen Clardy at Lake Highlands High School and a few of the counselors. They help us search out students who have endured unimaginable hardships — and there are a surprising many of them — and we narrow the field to the most remarkable five or so of these students. Then we share their stories of success as they prepare to graduate. This year, we met an 18-year-old ex-con, a track star, a speech- and learning-impaired student accepted to Yale and a brilliant Burmese immigrant:

Kids These Days

Our coverage of Richardson ISD’s plan to expand some of the neighborhood’s elementary schools brought on much discussion:

White Rock Elementary Responds to Expansion Plan

RISD Approves Expansion

There are a few more stories that captured readers’ interest. Check back next week for the next five.