A Today Show host interviews"City of Hate" documentarian Quin Mathews outside the Sixth Floor Museum: Facebook.com/cityofhatemovie

A Today Show host interviews”City of Hate” documentarian Quin Mathews outside the Sixth Floor Museum: Facebook.com/cityofhatemovie

We will start on a bright note: Jim Schutze wrote a piece for the Observer about his recent fantastical rendezvous to White Rock Lake. By the way (and here’s where this week’s roundup takes a dark turn—I know, that was quick) if you watch KERA‘s documentary City of Hate: Dallas and the Assassination, you’ll see a prominently featured Schutze. You can watch the full movie, for a limited time only, here.

Now, speaking of the “City of Hate”, The New York Times last weekend printed an editorial by James McAuley who pointedly criticizes Dallas and today’s events surrounding the anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s death, calling the ceremonies a missed opportunity to come to grips with our dark past. A descendent of affluent white Dallasites, McAuley asserts that Dallas indeed played a role in the tragedy, citing the city’s environment of “extreme hatred the city’s elite actively cultivated before the president’s visit.”

New York Times writer Manny Fernandez today wrote a piece about this morning’s ceremonies; unlike his colleague, he calls the ceremonies a long-time-coming acceptance of our role in the events of Nov. 22 1963. Here’s how our mayor is quoted in the piece:

“I do think it’s right to take a moment out and say thank you to President Kennedy. He was heading to a place, for a luncheon, where a lot of city leaders were going to be there to thank him and applaud him, and he never got there. So this is our way of doing it 50 years later.”

Earlier this week hazmat units were summoned to Conrad High School, a Dallas ISD school a little more than  a mile from Lake Highlands High School, after a chemistry experiment gone wrong, the Dallas Morning News reports. A strong odor that preceded the 911 call turned out to be peppermint oil, the contents of an accidentally-shattered flask. Still, reportedly, one student was hospitalized at the parent’s request.

This week, networks began airing holiday advertisements for Dallas-based J.C. Penney that were filmed in the area; two White Rock area homes were used as sets for filming. Plus, the carolers featured in the commercials are Dallas locals as well, according to a retail story by Dallas Morning New’s Maria Halkias.