freshman runIn a long-standing Wildcat tradition, the ladies of Lake Highlands High School left the grandstands for the gridiron this weekend, playing the annual Powder Puff Football game at LHHS’ B field.

You can check out photos from the action here, courtesy of Chris Dishman, proud dad of senior Morgan.

In the first round of play, the seniors, wearing pink and coached by Carter Bodell and Chris Guerra, defeated the freshmen, donning green jerseys.

The sophomores, in navy blue and coached by Thomas Thornton, Victor Murrillo, Jamarice Preston and Sam Iheke, defeated the juniors, looking good in baby blue.

In the final game, the sophomores were victorious. Beloved Young Life leaders played referee, and the stands were filled with spectators enjoying the fun. Proceeds will help pay for senior class activities.

Photos by Chris Dishman

senior huddle

sophomore team


senior run

sophomores break

freshman pass