LHHSBandShow3The Wildcat Marching Band has been invited to compete in the South Coast Music Festival, but loading 170 band members and their musical equipment onto buses headed for Corpus Christi  isn’t easy and it isn’t cheap. To raise money, they’re hosting a March-a-Thon this Friday, August 23, and they’re hoping you can help.

The kids will begin at 7 a.m. with marching rehearsal, and they’ll fill their day taking master classes by professional musicians, watching films of DCI competitions, marching in the Texas heat and making other preparations for the coming season. The fundraiser will be capped off by a 6 p.m. showcase performance at Wildcat-Ram Stadium, followed by a Snow Ball War between hot (and exhausted) band members.

The kids are asking for pledges for every hour they work on Friday (you can give a flat dollar amount instead), and their goal is $200 per student or $34,000 total.

LHHSBandShow1Band Director Jeff Bradford expects an exciting year for band members and for the LH community, which enjoys watching the group under Friday night lights.

“We’ve designed one of the most intriguing marching shows we’ve ever had – 4th and Goal,” Bradford said. “Whether it be coming to a Friday night football game, a Saturday marching contest, or a concert at LHHS, come, enjoy, and support the LHHS Band Program, as we are the future leaders of our community and society!”

If you’d like to contribute, you can donate Friday night or email band mom Charlotte Williams at char61@sbcglobal.net or Jeff Bradford at jeff.bradford@risd.org.