Clay and Lillia Hollis launched White Rock Dog Rescue to promote adoptable animals found around White Rock Lake, provide access to low-cost vetting, and offer training and fostering resources. Lillia Hollis wrote and submitted the following story to us this morning.

On Mother’s Day a good Samaritan was driving in Lake Highlands. In the fenced off area where the old Braum’s store was located by Walnut Hill and Audelia, she noticed two small black, round, shapes playing and rolling around. The good Samaritan stopped and saw two very young, very round puppies. She called Lillia Hollis at  White Rock Dog Rescue, who then came out and found seven 5-week-old pups.

White Rock Dog volunteers tried to trap the mom, but she is street smart and managed to get the food out of the trap without setting it off.  She looks like a small, blonde, Aussie mix – the two blonde female pups are spitting images of the mom. There are seven puppies total. The three females are named Sandy, Mandy and Courtney and the four males are Ben, Colby, Ozzy and Tyson. The dad is believed to be a Boston Terrier or Pug mix.

The puppies are cute, playful and inquisitive. They have just figured out how to navigate steps. They are social and love to play with other dogs and love people. They will be smaller dogs, reaching no more than 25 lbs. fully grown. They will be at the next few adoption events and are ready to go to their new homes.

Please call 214.507.4016 or email for more information. Adoption fees are $200 and include all shots, deworming, first 6 months of heart-worm meds and sterilization. Home visits are done on all adoptions.