Here’s a quick look at what the city council will discuss Wednesday regarding the Lake Highlands area.

The council will accept a loan guarantee of $13,350,000 for the Lake Highlands Town Center through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Community Development Block Grant. The city adopted the program in 2009 to help with this economic development, increasing the amount of funding and momentum for projects like the Town Center.

The vacant lot at the southeast corner of Bekay and Plano Road eventually will be the home of a new Park District Maintenance Service Center. The city will acquire the land for about $1 million.

Think it takes forever for a red light to turn green? Well, the city will adopt some advanced vehicle detection equipment for traffic lights through a contract with Twincrest Technologies. Unlike older versions, these sensors don’t go inside the pavement, so that eliminates construction headaches. The radar technology is mounted on the traffic signals, making it more accurate and less affected by light and weather. The hope is that traffic will start running a little smoother – for $4,245,400 of current funds.

An earlier version of this post said that the city council meeting was on June 19.