Good Vapes

The owners of Good Vapes in Lake Highlands have responded to a post that appeared on the daily news blog yesterday after Advocate contributor Carol Toler invited them to comment. Here, in its entirety, is the note signed, owners Erin and Chris.

We at Good Vapes have always had a strict ‘no sales to minors’ policy in place, which is also clearly posted on our front door. We card anyone who appears to be under the age of 25, and our website also states that our products are intended for use and viewing only by individuals over the age of 18.

We would have appreciated being contacted by the author of the blog prior to its release. Had we been contacted for comment, we would have been more than happy to share important factual information about electronic cigarettes as well as factual practices of our business. The light we could have shed on the topic, had we been given the opportunity, would have enhanced the article instead of inflaming readers.

E-cigarettes are a completely legal alternative to smoking traditional combusted tobacco cigarettes, not a “gateway to cigarettes – or worse” as the article claims. An unnamed senior boy was quoted as saying that he and many of his friends smoke tobacco pipes and cigars.

Many people, including medical doctors, believe that e-cigs are a harm reduction alternative.

Good Vapes is a privately owned small business.  We specialize in electronic cigarettes. That is all that we sell. We do not advertise. People find out about us solely by word of mouth. We believe in the benefits of e-cigs because they have helped us as well as the people that we serve.

Since the day that we opened, we have always been excited about sharing information about who we are and what we do. Our doors always have been, and will remain, open to anyone of age who wants to inquire whether they are making a purchase or not. We have donated to the LH booster club, and enjoyed a very pleasant and informative conversation with the LH mother who stopped in to ask for a donation.

We are providing a legitimate product and service that fulfills a need in the community. These devices are also sold in convenience stores and reputable drug stores in Lake Highlands. Unlike those retailers, we specialize only in electronic cigarettes and we go to great lengths to train and educate our customers because we believe we have a responsibility to them and to our community. Just like a parent, we can only control what goes on inside our 4 walls.