Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 3.32.08 PMI know the police caught the suspected Lake Highlands rapist, but are these door-to-door vendors serious? I’ve averaged one, sometimes two, guys per week at my door trying to sell me something since the sexual predator first struck in our neighborhood six weeks ago. I can’t decide whether to chew the guys out or head butt them with the techniques I learned at the two self defense classes I’ve attended. Do they just not get it?!?

I’m not one of those women who puts the “home” in “homemaker”. I’m an empty nester who likes to be out-and-about, so there’s no telling how many more salesmen have knocked and found me long-gone. I’m no scaredy-cat, but what I’ve learned in recent days is that any one of these guys could have been scoping out my house (and me) for hours/days/weeks to learn when I’ll be home and how long I might be alone. We all now know that no door lock, closed window or electronic alarm will be enough to keep a determined predator out. And, no offense Nick Chamberlain, but I hope I never have to gouge anybody’s eyes out or rip out their shin muscle with the heel of my shoe. But thanks for the free lessons, much appreciated.

The guy who came yesterday about 3 o’clock in the afternoon to promote his financial services offices at Walnut Hill and Central was well-spoken and handsome in his suit and tie. So was Ted Bundy as I recall. At least that’s what we think. Few witnesses were left to tell us for sure.

Word to the wise entrepreneur looking to drum up new business in Dallas: Lake Highlands might not be the best place to peddle your goods and services door-to-door this week. Or this month. Or this year.