A few years ago I spent a week in Aspen, Colorado (bragger, I know). Aside from the skiing and hiking and natural beauty, a staple of that trip, in my memory, was the yellow ducky. First I saw the misplaced toy floating in the river. I saw another in the park. I picked it up and saw a number Sharpied on its underside. When I asked, What’s the deal with the ducks, my host explained that I had just missed the big annual duck derby, where organizers dumped maybe 30,000 ducks in the river. For charity. I accepted that affluent people do strange things, and I moved on.

And that’s why the announced Big D Duck Derby had a ring of familiarity. Now, it all makes sense. The Big D Duck Derby chair Erin Kidwell tells us they plan to dump the thousands of ducks into Jackson Branch Creek at Town Center, from the top level, via a long tarp.  It might look something like this. In an earlier post, I explained how it works. You can also adopt your ducky in advance online.

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In anticipation of the big event (April 20 from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.), Paul Song, with Cufflinks, Inc., one of the duck derby sponsors, is giving away, via the Advocate, a pair of enamel rubber ducky links.

Win these adorable rubber duck cufflinks from Cufflinks, Inc.

Win these adorable rubber duck cufflinks from Cufflinks, Inc.

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