Tom Thumb sign comes down

The Tom Thumb store located at Skillman and Abrams will close its doors June 1st. Management announced their plans to employees this week, with promises to attempt to place them in jobs at other stores in the area. Multiple nearby Tom Thumb locations abound, including LBJ/Skillman, Greenville/Lovers, Central/Meadow and Hillcrest/Northwest Highway.

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Speculation about a new Tom Thumb moving in to the Town Center has died down in recent weeks, with Prescott Realty apparently favoring a smaller, boutique-style grocer and LH residents voicing overwhelming agreement.

The Tom Thumb store in question, referred to at my house as “the Jake’s Tom Thumb”, began its life as a Simon-David store, Tom Thumb’s premium, gourmet market. The upscale version carried specialty items and featured an upstairs community meeting room popular with PTA moms, bible studies and civic groups. The upstairs was closed to the public when Simon-David became Tom Thumb.

Trivia question of the day: Did you know the store has an underground parking garage beneath it?

The employees I spoke with admit to being nervous about their jobs.

“I hate seeing this store close,” said one who wouldn’t let me use her name. “We know all the customers – we see the same people coming in all the time. This is a great store.”