The Victim: Jim and Pam Dunlap

The Crime: Criminal mischief

Date: Friday, Sept. 28

Time: 11:05 p.m.

Location:8700 block of Alwick



Pam and Jim Dunlap had been relaxing that Friday evening. They sat in their living room talking and watching some TV — just a normal pleasant night at home. Suddenly, a loud crack disturbed their nice evening. It was quite a shock. Glass from a front window shattered all over their dining room near their kitchen.

“Jim had gotten up to go to the kitchen and something popped on the window,” she says. “At first we thought someone had shot it.”

The couple had no idea why someone would do this and could not see anyone outside. They quickly called police who arrived a few hours later because it was not a life-threatening crime. It was, however, very startling.

Her husband and police were able to locate a large bolt outside below the window, which they believed to be the object that was thrown. The Dunlaps estimate it will cost a few hundred dollars to repair — a very frustrating and time-consuming hassle that seems so senseless.

Dallas Police Sgt. Keitric Jones of the Northeast Patrol Division says kids could have played a part in the breaking of this window and this type of crime is common.

“Also, if there is any type of major construction in the area, the bolt could have come from a construction site. The possibilities are that it could have been an accident or it could have been intentional.”


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Source:  Dallas Police Department