Crepes at JJs, which I did not try, but don’t they look good?

I’m almost ashamed to say it: I had not been to JJs Cafe, ever, until this past weekend.

We did run a piece about the cafe in the magazine’s “great breakfast” section last December.

I love breakfast food, but I don’t generally like to eat at breakfast time, so I love a place where you can get an omelet and pancakes for lunch. For this, JJs is the place. The atmosphere is no frills, clean, simple, roomy. It’s not like, say, Buzzbrews, where the tables are so close together you can hear the guy next to you crunching his ice.

You just feel comfy at JJs. It’s not a hipster hangout by any stretch of the imagination, but the crowd doesn’t seem to be as senior as I recall it being when this spot was Divine Coffee Shop.

The important thing is that the food is solid. I had a spinach omelet, my daughter had the veggie omelet and we shared a short stack of pancakes. Both of us salivated over the advertised pumpkin pancakes and Nutella crepes, but opted to exercise a small measure of self control.

The omelets run $6-$8. They are plump with veggies and cheese, with an extra slice of cheese melted on top, and they come with chunky fried potatoes and toast.

The small stack of pancakes is about $4 and, well, as our food writer mentioned last December, JJs knows how to do pancakes. Mine were fantastic, but I am dreaming about those pumpkin pancakes. I think I am going to need to return before pumpkin season ends.

10233 E. Northwest Highway, open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch.