Luscher’s Post Oak Red Hots is neighborhood resident and Chicago native Brian Luscher’s venture into the tube-meat market. The Grape chef/owner will debut his sausages at White Rock Local Market Saturday, Aug. 11.

“Where I grew up there’s a hot dog stand on every corner,” he says.

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Luscher says he gets “cravings and yearnings for them” the way a Texan might crave tacos or barbecue. But Luscher’s Post Oak Red Hots are not hot-dog cart weenies with the neon-green relish. He buys the meat locally, then grinds it, spices it and stuffs it in casings.

He makes pickles, mustard and other condiments from scratch. The red hots are smoked over post oak wood on Luscher’s grill, which he named Ms. Verna, and served on buns from La Francaise bakery in Garland. The dogs will sell for $5 each, he says.

“It’s not gonna be a $10 hot dog,” he says. “It’s still a hot dog for chrissakes.”

Luscher already had Ms. Verna, and besides the cost of goods, his start-up costs were about $300. He would like to use the White Rock market as an incubator for this “micro business,” he says.

“I want to grow this into a physical location, rather than just at the market,” he says. “It’s the American dream to turn it into a multimillion-dollar concept.”

If not, he’s still having fun doing it, he says.