The lowdown on what’s up with neighborhood businesses

Update: apartment plans at Lawther and Northwest Highway

Plans for an apartment development near the White Rock DART station at Northwest Highway and Lawther have been emerging for a few months now. Neighborhood homeowners are getting a closer look at the plan, which includes the construction of 325 apartment units ranging from 580 to 1400 square feet each. Originally the plan called for 350 units. Perhaps the biggest change since the original presentation of the plan is that the parking garage is below the apartments. There are also now both one- and two-bedroom units rather than one-bedroom only as originally proposed, and the proposed rents are $928 and $1,305. Developers Post Investment Group LLC commissioned a traffic evaluation; it summarizes the development offers “excellent accessibility via all major modes of transportation.” The developers are currently meeting with various neighborhood groups.

Homeowners speak out over proposed maintenance facility

Lake Highlands homeowners associations (HOA) are responding to a proposed project that would construct a maintenance facility at the northwest corner of Forest and Audelia. This would include removing the ALDI shopping center, the apartment complex located immediately south, and about a third of the Indigo on Forest apartments. The facility would service and fuel city vehicles and replace the current facility on Goforth. As of now, the project is just an idea, not an official proposal. Donna Halstead, president of the Dallas Citizens Council and a former neighborhood councilwoman, brought the idea to homeowners associations for feedback a few months ago. Halstead says constructing single-family homes on the land currently used by the Goforth facility could add as much as $48 million to tax rolls. If the project garnered support from local residents and was passed by city council, it would not begin for another 7-10 years, according to Murray Morgan, president of the Woodbridge Homeowners Association. Morgan is currently opposed to the plan because he worries it could begin an industrialization effort in the area, and because “a line of garbage trucks and 18-wheelers is not what I want to see in my neighborhood.”

More business bits

LH residents Drew Johnson and Jordon Hoover have opened Urban Thrift at Walnut Hill and Audelia, near Offshores Next Door.

Urban Thrift

9850 Walnut Hill


Once Upon A Child, the local children’s reseller, achieved the customer experience, store operations and consistent brand identity to earn Gold Standard recognition for the second consecutive year.

Once Upon a Child

6300 Skillman, Ste. 150



Monster Yogurt offers a playroom as well as frozen yogurt.

Monster Yogurt has opened in Casa Linda Plaza next to Alligator Cafe. The store is similar to other yogurt shops, where you fix your own and pay by weight, but it has two major assets: Wi-Fi and an indoor playground. Peninsula neighborhood resident Sarah Nelson says it’s the perfect place to go when you need to keep the little ones busy for 20 minutes while you do some work.

Monster Yogurt

9540 Garland