The sign, which warns that the neighborhood is protected by surveillance cameras, appears to be bullet pocked. Click to enlarge.

At least that’s the impression one gets from this photo, which one of my neighbors snapped at the entrance to the Woodbridge subdivision, positioned east of the Forest-Audelia intersection in northern Lake Highlands.

There’s a bit of disagreement as to whether these are actual shotgun or pistol-produced bullet holes, or if they come from some sort of BB or pellet gun.

I asked the man who used to take kid-me to a ranch to shoot at metal signs and bottles and the occasional dove (my dad) what he thinks might have made the holes, to which he responded “probably a .22 or a shotgun”. Comforting.

As a few of my neighbors have noted, it doesn’t really matter. The sign is a few feet removed from a family’s home, so it’s unsettling either way.