I was driving east on Forest when a half-dozen police and emergency vehicles went flying by in the opposite direction. Normally, admittedly, I would have followed them (for the blog, of course), but I was late to pick up a kid.

First reports noted a shooting inside the Forest Lane Wal Mart. Fortunately, it’s not as grim as it initially appeared.

Though the developing story will still make you shake your head.

Avi Selk at the Morning News and WFAA have been following developments—according to reports from the aforementioned, a man at checkout, reaching for his wallet, accidentally pulled the trigger on the handgun in his pocket. The bullet grazed his leg and shrapnel hit two kids standing nearby. Initial reports cited two wounded, apparently referring to the children.

WFAA reports that the man had a concealed handgun license, but could still be charged for injuring the children, who are reportedly in OK condition.