Louis Rothermel Photo from smucox.com

Updated July 24: More disturbing details have emerged regarding the circumstances of the Rothermel child’s death.

Louis Rothermel, who was the managing director at Prescott Realty, developers of the Lake Highlands Town Center, shot himself in the head Wednesday.

Police were called to the Marriot Hotel on Central at about 5 p.m. after a staff member discovered Rothermel’s body, hours after his family reported him missing, according to a police report.

Rothermel’s suicide reportedly occurred following a police investigation into the death of his 4-month-old son, Harrison, who had Down Syndrome and died earlier in the week from possible suspicious causes. Police are still waiting on a report from the medical examiner, which would determine how the baby might have died.

CPS temporarily removed the Rothermel’s older child, 4, from the home when the baby died, but he was returned to the custody of his mother today.

Last May, CPS looked at the Highland Park  family after the one of the children suffered a head injury. At that time, according to a television report, a family member moved in with the family to “supervise.”