Delicious: Parent-friendly local restaurants

Goodfriend serves up “farmhouse burgers” made with grass-fed beef with a kid friendly open air atmosphere and quite a selection of craft beers for the parents.
The coop burger comes with lettuce, tomato, an over-easy egg, grilled bacon and brie. Photo by Mark Davis

There’s a certain stigma attached to dining out with small children. Servers are generally not enthusiastic about cleaning up the mess. Goodfriend passes no such judgment. “We don’t hate your kids,” says owner Matt Tobin. “We opened this restaurant for the neighborhood. We are catering to the element that is here, and it’s young families.” Goodfriend serves up “farmhouse burgers” made with grass-fed beef and has quite a selection of craft beers. The menu lists suggestions for pairings. The Loretta beef burger with onion-bacon jam and blue cheese goes well with the Left Hand Milk Stout. Not a meat-eater? There are options for veggie and turkey burgers, too. The most inventive item on the menu, Tobin says, is the Latin Lover, a chorizo burger with roasted red peppers, caramelized onions and manchego. Goodfriend doesn’t have a kids’ menu, and it doesn’t need one. The “cuddly pigs” (pigs-in-a-blanket) and sweet waffle fries keep the little ones happy.

Goodfriend carries 16 beers on draft. Photo by Mark Davis

Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House
1154 Peavy

Ambiance: Laid-back
Price range: $7-$10
Tip: The bar is fully stocked with high chairs.

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1. JG’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers
In addition to old-fashioned burgers, JG’s serves up stuff kids crave — all-beef hot dogs, chicken tenders, grilled cheese sandwiches. But here that doesn’t mean skimping on items that will satisfy slightly more sophisticated palates, including bleu cheese cheeseburgers, veggie patties, big salads, fat stuffed jalapeños and imported beers. And for all ages: real whipped cream-topped milkshakes!
12101 Greenville
Ste. 109, 972.644.8628

2. Picasso’s Pizza

Kids aren’t picky about pizza. It’s round and gooey and you eat it with your hands. But adults will appreciate Picasso’s quality pies. They’ll also enjoy myriad other menu items including baby back ribs or the popular crispy chicken avocado club sandwich. Picasso’s recently added a gluten-free pizza crust to the menu. Another plus is the casual, roomy, television-surrounded atmosphere.
7215 Skillman

3. Tukta Thai
Any place with a golf putting green inside has got to be low-key enough for families to enjoy. Tukta Thai, set next to a 7-Eleven, is laid-back in appearance, but these folks are serious about good food. For young ones, the menu features several flavors of fried rice. Brave adults can order crazy-spicy crazy noodles. Just don’t get those dishes mixed up.
9625 Plano

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