The City Manager’s recommendations for a $600-million bond package includes constructing 47 miles of bike lanes.

“All streets and arterials to be resurfaced or reconstructed within the bike plan will include the cost of adding bike lanes and amenities,” the recommendation states.

That’s basically what City Manager Mary Suhm told us would happen when we reported on the Dallas Bike Plan back in March. As roads are improved, bike lanes will be created according to the bike plan.

Suhm also recommends upgrading six miles of roadway to make “complete streets” to serve pedestrians, cyclists and motorists equally.

About $12 million of $221 million in recommended street repairs would go to improvements to the Houston Street Viaduct, which needs work in advance of a planned street car from Oak Cliff to downtown. About $34 million would go to the “West Dallas gateway,” the area near the foot of Large Marge, the Calatrava bridge.

Suhm recommends spending almost $334 million on flood control improvements, most of that in the Baylor hospital area, which is plagued with flooding problems. And about $55 million would go to economic development.

City Council is expected to vote on the bond package in August.