In this week’s podcast, we discuss some of the amazing students at LHHS who have beaten the odds to succeed. A handful of them were profiled in May’s cover story, and many more will be given scholarships this month by the Lake Highlands Women’s League and the Exchange Club of Lake Highlands.

Also, we discuss a new “movement” among neighborhood churches, as well as churches and houses of worship all over the country, to close the doors on a Sunday morning and serve in their community. Is this just the latest religious trend? How does it impact the congregation? And should people of faith really be forgoing worship services for community services?

Our shameless neighborhood plugs involve the many events on the calendar this weekend: the Chihuly exhibit opening at the Dallas Arboretum, the annual LHHS Red-White game, and a Cinco de Mayo party at Enchilada’s that will attempt to set a world record.

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