Alan and Joan Walne

When he introduced Joan and Alan Walne as recipients of this year’s Spirit of the Centennial Award, Pete Schenkel, chairman of the State Fair of Texas sports committee, said “Advocate Magazine refers to them as ‘the Dynamic Duo.’”

We do, and for lots of good reasons.

Joan is the current president of the Dallas Park and Recreation Board and a life member of both the LH Women’s League and the PTA. She has served the Wildcat Club, Young Life, Children’s Medical Center, Equest, Junior League of Dallas and RISD, just to click off a few.

Alan heads up the business his father founded, Herb’s Paint and Body, when he finds time between volunteer gigs. The former Dallas City Councilman is currently chairman of the board of the State Fair of Texas and head of the Skillman Corridor TIF board, and he serves the Trinity Commons, LH Exchange Club, the Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Dallas Arboretum, among others.

In her acceptance, Joan said “when you have a job that needs doing, Alan is the only person not looking around the room.” Alan jumps in, she said, “and I’m happy to be riding on his coattails.”

“There wouldn’t be much happening if it weren’t for her,” Alan responded about his bride, and he expressed thanks “for the sacrifices my kids made during the time I was away doing these things.” Attending were daughter Sarah and son Robert, along with their spouses and children.

Just before the Wildcat Wranglers came out to entertain them, Alan couldn’t resist the chance to remind the crowd to support the Cotton Bowl and Fair Park, as plans are forming to renovate the stadium and host the Texas/OU game through 2020. “We can’t let that game move to Houston or Arlington,” he said.

As the skies began to darken and storm clouds loomed, Alan mentioned that it looked like it might hail. “Nobody does bodies better than Herb’s,” he added with a laugh.

You can see my photo slideshow from the day’s events here.