Witnesses noticed a guy carrying one of these in a Lake Highlands area 7-11.

Police helicopters have been hovering over Lake Highlands this week. There are a couple of  interesting (if deeply disturbing for those of us who live around these parts) stories behind that.

Early Monday morning someone attempted to steal cash from the register at Denny’s at 635 and Skillman. According to a police report, the manager slammed the register on the perp’s hand, crushing his fingers. A helicopter was deployed to help locate the suspect who was picked up at the all-night smoke shop across the highway. Turns out he already had “several warrants for his arrest including two for aggravated robbery,” according to the report.

Same day, separate incident: A 7-11 customer noticed that a man inside the store was carrying a TEC-9, that’s a semi-automatic firearm (pictured) and called police. Using helicopter deployment assistance, reports indicate, Northeast police tracked the guy down and, what do you know, he too had warrants active for his arrest. In fact, he had a court date Monday for an aggravated robbery he had committed a couple of months ago. The police personnel who maintains the Facebook page demonstrated a bit of humor in the status: “We take great pleasure in knowing we assisted the suspect’s timely arrival in court that morning.”