Adam Meierhofer has announced that he’s running for a spot on the Richardson ISD school board, allaying concerns in Lake Highlands that long-time trustee Luke Davis would retire in May and leave the board without an LH representative. Trustees are elected at-large.

Meierhofer is best known for his recent LH home run: he envisioned and chaired Oktoberfest for the LH Exchange Club with buddy Tate Gorman, an event that brought more than 5,000 people to the LH Town Center site and raised thousands of dollars for Exchange Club outreach and programming. (They were all-Clooney-and-Pitt when they were here to podcast about the upcoming event, charming everyone in the Advocate offices and heckling each other about who had the best ideas.)

Adam served on the District Education Committee, appointed by State Rep. Kenneth Sheets, and the Texas Leadership Summit for Young Professionals, appointed by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. He and his wife Brandy are active in the Moss Haven Elementary PTA, and Adam currently serves on the PTA board.

When I asked how he felt about being seen as a “young, up-and-comer” in the community, Adam said that, when approached to run by people he respects, he was honored and humbled. “I thought – I said aloud, ‘aren’t there others wiser and more mature than I to do this?’ Of course there are, and they are on the board.” But having two young children gives him a unique perspective – Kris Oliver is the only trustee with kids still attending RISD, and his youngest is a junior at Richardson High School – and “real skin in the game.” Adds Adam, “and with my youngest not quite 2, that’s real skin!”

Adam coaches Ava Grace’s soccer team (she’s a second grader) and leads her princess tribe (formerly Indian Princesses, if you’re old like me). He carves out time for daddy-dates with 4-year-old Elizabeth Kay, who’ll start kindergarten next year, and says her all-time favorite was the recent LHHS performance of Putnam County Spelling Bee. He describes not-quite-2 William Slade as “one ball of energy” who loves being chased and only slows down to pop Disney’s Cars into the DVD player.

“In running my small business, I’ve learned to wear many hats,” said Adam. “This will be an asset to me in serving as a member of the Board of Trustees, but my biggest asset to this Board are the three children I am blessed to come home to every evening.  Having them grow up in the RichardsonSchool District is motivation for Brandy and I to sacrifice our time to ensure that RISD continues to be a leading school district inTexas.”

“Luke and Paula Davis have been a major source of inspiration for Brandy and I,” he added, “and I am not running to replace him.  He cannot be replaced.  I want to continue to ensure the policies and programs that have made RISD great continue and I want to provide insight from a parent/resident different from the current members.”

You can learn more on Adam’s website here.