While cruising Greenville Avenue the other day, I noticed the unmistakeable Sweet Tomatoes logo right next to neighborhood favorite Another Broken Egg at 5500 Greenville near Old Town Drive. There was no information available on-site about a projected opening date, but from what I could tell it’s probably 30-60 days away. For those of you who have been around awhile, both restaurants are located in what I believe most recently was Two Rows restaurant.

Sweet Tomatoes, if you’ve never been, is a salad and soup oriented all-you-can-eat place. I’ve been to the Addison location, and both times I’ve been impressed with the food quality and offerings. The salad bar is long, and there are 6-8 different soups available daily, along with some breakfast/brunch offerings. It’s probably a good match to be located next to Another Broken Egg (which also has a Casa Linda store), because both will probably draw a similar crowd, making the spot a good destination breakfast/brunch location without knowing exactly which place you’re intending to visit until you get there.

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