By now, you have hopefully seen the February cover story about neighborhood people who hold ordinary jobs but who touch our lives in extraordinary ways.

When we were looking for folks to include in this piece, we received a load of great suggestions — look to see some of those included in upcoming stories. Several people recommended Moss Haven Elementary School crossing guard Joe Lucero (before that, he was at Merriman Park).

People told us that he’s known for his bright personality, hard work and dance moves.

“Joe is a perfect example of someone who makes our day a little better by being in it,” says one reader. “And he knows every child by name.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Lucero didn’t answer his phone when we called. None of the ten or so times. And he apparently doesn’t have an answering machine. Since we wrote and shot for this story over the winter break, the famous crossing guard managed to elude us.

Happily, a sweet associate of the school dug up a school directory that had a little story about Lucero, along with his photo. Here’s an excerpt:

“In his tenth year of service to Moss Haven students and families, Joe continues to direct traffic daily in rain, sleet, snow, hail and of course heat. He not only ensures our children’s safety, he also knows our children … many times he has jumped in front of an oncoming car to protect a child without hesitation. He arrives early, stays late and therefore protects our premise by keeping a watchful eye.”

So, here’s to Joe the Crossing Guard. We will get-cha next time, Joe!