You or your kids into soccer? You guys need to get in on this …

If you haven’t yet read our February story about futsal, check it out here.

In short, a couple of Lake Highlands High School grads, twins Esteban and Manuel Mariel are star futsal players, coaches and owner/operators of City Futsal, which has recently relocated to the Carrolton area.

If you don’t know what futsal is, it’s indoor soccer, only completely different.

“In indoor soccer, the ball bounces off the walls, all over the place,” one of the twins tell us. “Futsal players have a lot of control and room to make things happen. It is fast moving, high scoring.”

Anyway, the guys offer free weekly pickup games for adults and kids at the IAD in Carrolton. It’s really simple (if you don’t mind driving to the burbs). Sign up here, come out and bring a team or join one. You can get more info at