Police Thursday caught two suspected home burglars, thanks to an astute homeowner.

Officers responded to a suspicious person call on Loma Vista (near Royal-Abrams).

Police say the caller gave a detailed description of a suspect who knocked on his door, asked for an unknown person and left, and also of a suspicious car in the neighborhood, a blue Cadillac.

Police located the suspect on foot and followed him to the Fox Hollow apartments, where a man in a blue Cadillac picked him up. According to police, they continued to observe the vehicle until it turned onto Club Meadow Drive. About ten minutes later, police saw the car exit the neighborhood and they followed it to a Chick-Fil-A on Central, where officers observed the two inspecting a laptop and jewelry.

Meanwhile, back on Club Meadow, police responded to a fresh burglary—you guessed it: laptop and jewelry missing. It appears that during their ten minutes out of police vision, the two broke into a home through a back glass door.

The officers at Chick-Fil-A arrested the two suspects.