The Richardson ISD is seeking public input on next year’s proposed school calendar, with two different options and a handy survey where you can voice your opinion. Because the primary differences are the length of winter break and the date of the last day of school, you’ll want to ask yourself: Am I willing to get out later in the summer to secure a longer Christmas holiday?

Since Texas mandates that no school begin before August 27th, all public campuses will start on the same day. Option 1 brings the kids back for the spring semester on January 3rd and calls the teachers back for staff development on the 2nd. Crunching in every possible instructional date allows what most kids want – and what the travel and leisure industry lobbies hard for – a longer summer. The last day of school would be May 31.

Option 3 (Option 2 was similar to 1 and is no longer in the running) gives teachers a “records day” December 21st, when kids are out and staff can complete the semester in peace. Students would have a longer holiday break, until January 8th, permitting church ski trips, holidays with family, college visits and simple downtime and rejuvenation. Class would let out June 6th.

The Dallas ISD, also working to finalize their 2012-13 calendar, is considering an interesting plan which allows some kids to get out of school up to ten days early. Middle and high school students with good grades and no blemishes on their record for attendance or behavior earn “flex” days and can finish early. Sounds like a powerful motivator in schools looking to inspire kids to do their very best.

Here in LH, you can view RISD’s calendar option 1 here, option 3 here and vote here. The current calendar can be viewed here.