Someone grabbed the little boy and fireman.

The Victim: Thomas White
The Crime: Theft
Date: Thursday, Sept. 15
Time: Between 8:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.
Location: 8700 block of Capri

Thomas White likes his Highland Meadows neighborhood and takes pains to keep his yard and landscaping looking nice. To decorate his yard, White had two interesting small statues in his flowerbeds. The pieces had become attention-getters among visitors and neighbors alike.

“I had a little boy and his dog sitting on a bench, and I had a little fireman with a helmet with everything on,” he says.

The fireman held a water hose and sprayed into the flowerbed. The statues weren’t worth much — White says they cost less than $200 — but he was disappointed to see them go.

“They had been there about two or three years. People would come by and ask me about them,” he says. “Whoever it was, they just yanked them out and left.”

The idea that someone would steal something like this was quite disappointing to the homeowner.

“It bothered me because you can’t find these things everywhere,” he says. “It’s disappointing because everyone enjoyed them. I’ll just have to get another one next spring.”

Unfortunately, police say, these kinds of thefts are not uncommon. And with metal prices recently on the rise, that would include furniture and other items left in a resident’s yard.

“This could be something someone may use in their own yard or to sell,” says Sgt. Keitric Jones of the Dallas Police Northeast Patrol Division. “Metals are always targets for thieves.

“Thefts in general usually happen in a short amount of time. Residents should always be on the lookout daily for suspicious activity. The more eyes looking out for one another will help decrease that type of theft from occurring. We always stress good, active neighborhood watch groups as a wonderful way in helping us deter and catch thieves.”

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Source: Dallas Morning News