Young Vincent Minotti caught a 2 lb. bass at Watercress Park, LHTC.

Something big is happening at the Lake Highlands Town Center. No, Prescott did not sign some coveted specialty grocer, but there is a place to get fresh fish …

Watercress Park at the Lake Highlands Town Center was the site of a fishing expedition by several boys from the White Rock North School summer camp program. On Monday, June 27, Robert Price, staff member at the school, and Melissa Amick, a White Rock parent, took the boys, aged 8-11, to the park for a morning of fun. Each boy caught a small fish (which they subsequently threw back into the creek). Vincent Minotti caught a bass weighing in at a whopping 2 lbs!

“The park,” notes organizers of the expedition, “is part of the yet-unfinished Town Center development project at the corner of Skillman St. and Walnut Hill Lane and is a beautifully landscaped area edging White Rock Creek. It is currently open to the public.”

White Rock North School, a fixture in the neighborhood for 46 years, is located across the street at 9727 White Rock Trail.

The field trip to the park was part of the school’s annual summer camp program, whose theme this year is Around the World in One Summer.

The town center park, a.k.a Watercress, is home to big- and small-fish filled waters.