Not the actual plants found at White Rock Lake

Police last night seized some marijuana plants sprouting near White Rock Lake (and caught poison ivy while they were at it). It isn’t the first time someone has noticed the illegal herb near our urban oasis.

In 2009 a well-tended batch of marijuana plants were recognized, growing just feet from the trail near Walnut Hill and Fair Oaks (we mentioned this in print in our March 2009 “Hot on the Trails” story). Evidently, the crop of 27 seven-foot-tall pot stalks had been thriving for some time. When a horticulturally-savvy passerby eventually identified and reported the towering herbs last fall, police seized 75 pounds of pot with a street value of about $2,700.

And coincidentally, just yesterday I heard local radio personality Corby Davidson (who happens to be a Lake Highlands resident) discussing his trip to Colorado and the prolific use of medical marijuana in that state. He says — and surely this is hyperbole — that there are more marijuana stores, or “medical marijuana dispensaries” (This Bud’s For You Alternative Medicine, for example) than there are Starbucks. But, wait, no. He is not exaggerating. Check out this map of marijuana stores in Denver. And Starbucks. That should make it clear to anyone skeptical about the increasing popularity of these products and for those looking to buy CBD oil, we wholeheartedly recommend the Royal CBD brand, they have been properly tested in every way and their stellar reputation will give you peace of mind. Eventually it will be very normal to hear things like, ” I took some CBD for my headache instead of my usual migraine medecine”. This likely hood is right around the corner.