The Victim: Clifford Goff
The Crime: Theft
Date: Thursday, April 21
Time: Between 8 a.m. (April 21) and 4 p.m. (April 22)
Location: 100 block of Classen

Clifford Goff likes to grill. He has a nice backyard with a large grill/smoker for cooking out and entertaining. He and his family will often have friends and family over for some grilled chicken, maybe some smoked brisket, or any other meat Goff feels like marinating and throwing on the grill. The evening could really turn into a “meatatarian” paradise — relaxation with friends, nice conversation and a great meal.

Unfortunately, a thief recently worked up the courage — and strength — to make off with this meat-lover’s machinery.

“We were out of town on a weekend holiday,” Goff says. “It was one of those big smoker/grills and weighed about 250-300 pounds, so it had to take more than one person.”

Goff says he was very disappointed to come home and see that the grill was gone, but happy that it was all that was taken and burglars did not enter his home.

“I smoked and grilled on it all the time. I’m kind of bummed. I’m blown away. That’s all they took. They left the lawn furniture,” he says. “That’s life. Maybe somebody needed it for Easter weekend.”

While the grill may be gone, it will soon be replaced. This grill master will not be deterred and already has plans to replace the stolen piece of cookery — only this time he plans to chain and lock it up or bolt the grill into the patio concrete.

Dallas Police Lt. Mackie D. Ham of the Northeast Patrol Division says Goff is on the right track with his planned security methods. Lawn and patio furniture, grills, and other outdoors items make easy targets whether in the front yard or the back.

“A chain with a lock would help, but is not theft-proof,” Ham says of securing the grill in the back. “The best idea is to store it inside a garage after each use or hide in a location outside the house with some type of landscaping so it cannot be seen from the roadway.”


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