From top left: Vince Karnes, Said Navarro, Sarah Pickett, Roman Milan, Alex Ziehm, Alec Duray, Alejandro Martinez, Katie North, Emily Dawson, Libby Seeley, Emily Hillman, Sara Tuccio Not pictured: Hana Ovcina

Thirteen Wildcats were honored in an Academic Recognition Reception yesterday at Lake Highlands High School. All have been acknowledged for their outstanding achievement after earning exceptionally high scores on the PSAT.

Emily Dawson and Roman Milan were named National Merit Finalists.

Commended Students were: Alec Duray, Emily Hillman, Vince Karnes, Katie North, Hana Ovcina, Sarah Pickett, Libby Seeley, Sara Tuccio and Alex Ziehm.

National Hispanic Recognition Program standouts were Alejandro Martinez and Said Navarro.

Congratulations, Wildcats!