As most voters know by now, Mike Rawlings has spent most of his career in the private sector. In the next installment of the Advocate video podcast series on the Dallas mayoral race, we ask Rawlings why he believes that makes him the better candidate.

To recap: In the first segment, he addressed his public education plan and what kind of real impact he could have on DISD as mayor. Before that, we talked about the big issues with the other major candidates – District 12 councilman Ron Natinsky and former Chief of Police David Kunkle.

In Part 2 of our discussion with Rawlings,we discuss his business perspective and how that relates to his stance on issues. We ask whether Rawlings thinks the city pension fund is too generous in the these tough economic times (2:40), and Rawlings links its importance to employee morale. But how can we retain that amid looming budget cuts (4:08)? Rawlings also tells us how much impact he thinks he can have on that issue when it comes time to review the next budget this fall (4:50).

Check back Friday for more of our discussion on the budget deficit.