Today, we bring you the next segment of the Advocate video podcast series with mayoral candidate David Kunkle. It’s all part of our ongoing coverage of the Dallas mayoral race in which we aim to provide readers with more than the 30-second soundbite to become more familiar with each of the major candidates in an unedited discussion.

Last week, we heard from District 12 councilman Ron Natinsky in a three-part discussion about how he would handle the budget crisis, grow the local economy and work with current lightening rods on the city council.

In Monday’s post, David Kunkle offered his take on the budget. In Part 2 of the four-part podcast, he shares his thoughts on investing in downtown revitalization (:30) and cites Oak Cliff as an example of a neighborhood that has transformed itself organically rather than being part of some grand city plan (1:50). Kunkle goes on to address some of the expensive projects like the Trinity toll road (4:00) and the convention center hotel (6:02) — how they can be run properly and whether they will pay off in the end. Finally, we get Kunkle’s response about whether Dallas will have an opportunity to house the Rangers when their lease in Arlington expires (8:20).

Check back Wednesday morning for the next segment with Kunkle and, in the coming weeks, we’ll also hear from former park board president Mike Rawlings.