The Advocate video podcast series on the Dallas mayoral race continues this week as we discuss the issues with candidate David Kunkle.

Last week, we heard from District 12 councilman Ron Natinsky in a three-part discussion about how he would handle the budget crisis, grow the local economy and work with current lightening rods on the city council.

Our goal with this series is to go further than the 30-second soundbite and offer readers a way to get more familiar with each of the major candidates in an unedited discussion, revealing how they might govern if elected.

In Part 1 of our four-part series with Kunkle, the former Chief of Police discusses how he would re-examine the budget (1:30), retaining no sacred cows and pointing out inefficiencies in the police and fire departments (2:40). He also addresses how he would attract major companies to Dallas but says the real growth comes from small business (7:40). He addresses the negative impact of regionalism, which tends to lump Dallas into the entire North Texas area when the city should separate itself by building strong core neighborhoods (9:38).

Check back Tuesday morning for Part 2. And, in the coming weeks, we’ll talk with former Park Board president Mike Rawlings.