We may still be in the dark about Prescott’s plans for the Lake Highlands Town Center, but the real estate development company is ramping up building activities elsewhere in Dallas.

A mixed-use project has broken ground at the former Shamburger home improvement store site at Greenville and SMU Boulevard near Mockingbird; the DMN reports that the developer, Prescott, expects to announce specific plans sometime soon. The DMN reports that the development is being called The Boulevard and will include retail and apartments on 3.6 acres near the Mockingbird rail station. The new project is just down the street from another Prescott development that houses apartments and Twisted Root Burgers.

As for the Town Center, some of you have asked about Prescott’s Town Center progress, noting that various deadlines and commitment dates have been set by Prescott over the past few months to announce a Town Center anchor. Rest assured we continue to ask Prescott what’s going on, and they continue to tell us, in a non-specific way, to “stay tuned”.

Meanwhile at Mockingbird at Central, you’ve probably noticed that the former Mrs. Baird’s bakery site has been demolished. SMU owns the triangle-shaped land, which has been rumored to be all kinds of things over the years — SMU dorms, the Bush Library, a huge mixed-use development. Well, according to SMU, the property now will house tennis courts and a “throwing field” for athletics, as well as a data center and “partially below grade electrical substation” on the property’s southern tip near Downtown.