When LHHS drummer Jordan Brooks headed to Boston this fall for college, many of us worried we might not get to see him perform again for a long time. Lucky for us, he’s brought his new band back here to Dallas, and they’ll be playing at Stone Elephant Christmas Eve for LH crowds.

Jordan joined the group called Mauce (rhymes with sauce, sounds like moss) with some kids he met at Berklee College of Music. They’ll be recording their first album over Christmas break at Ramble Creek Studio in Austin, “a mixture of funk, rock and anything else that will get your body moving,” Jordan says. He invites his loyal LH followers to “stop by anytime before or after Christmas Eve church services, or to stay the whole night to enjoy some great music.”

Stone Elephant is located at Skillman and Abrams – part music venue, part sports bar. The show begins at 9 pm.