Newest members of the Highlandette line were treated to a welcome reception by returning members

The LHHS drill team held tryouts this month for the 2011-12 Highlandette line, and 53 excited dancers made the cut. Newest members of the team will participate in the spring semester “rookie” class, improving their dance skills and learning more than 40 years of Dette traditions. The rookie class will perform their first dance together during the Highlandette Revue April 15 & 16, 2011 in the LHHS auditorium.

Taking the football field together in 2011 will be: Macy Atkinson, Sarah Blettner, Emily Bowen, Mattie Briscoe, Allison Brockette, Alison Brown, Katie Campbell, Susanna Carlson, Samantha Cooke, Merrion Dale, Bess Detar, Claire Deininger, Kirsten Denton, Kate Dodgen, London Dority, Everness Evangelista, Meg Garcia, Kate Gavigan, Amy Gerteisen, Sarah Graham, Gina Gunsalus, Elena Hall, Anna Harris, Emily Hearne and Allie Heath.

Also dancing will be Laura Hedrick, Rachel Herrington, Lani Hines, Megan Jodie, Berkley Johnson, Yodit Kassa, Taylor Kaufmann, Ginny Laurin, Molly Maturi, Meredith McCown, Jordan Miller, Katie Morgan, Sarah Norris, Laura Leigh Oualline, Katy Paulsen, Andrea Pickett, Hannah Pittman, Ashton Plotts, Ruthie Rutledge, Becca Ryan, Jazmyne Scott, Anna Starr, Sara Starr, Natalie Von Sternberg, Lauren West, Caroline Whiteside, Katie Wnukowski and Sydney Yarbrough. Congratulations, girls!

If you have a budding young dancer, mark your calendar for the Highlandette’s spring dance clinic – Dancing With the Dettes – for girls in Kindergarten through 8th grade. Participants in this March 11 clinic get to perform with the Dettes in their spring show. Happy Highkicking!