Moss Haven girls delivered boxes full of books to formerly homeless children at Trinity Palms

You may have heard about the group called Moss Haven Moms that successfully fought the installation of formerly incarcerated people at Woodside Condominiums by the Dallas Housing Authority. Today you’ll hear about some Moss Haven moms and their darling daughters who decided to provide books and food for the formerly homeless residents of nearby Trinity Palms.

When it was time for 2nd graders Zoe Rose and Isabella Namaksy to celebrate their birthdays, they knew two things: they wanted to have their parties together and they wanted to do something for needy children. They encouraged their friends to bring nonperishable food items to the party, and the resulting mound of boxes and cans was enough for many families for many days.

Instead of asking for birthday gifts, Moss Haven girls asked for food for the needy among us

Last week, Megan Meisenheimer, Sophie Witherspoon and Morgan Schorn also combined their birthday parties, and friends were invited to bring books for the children now living at Trinity Palms. The birthday girls didn’t shed a tear that they wouldn’t get to open gifts or carry home new treasures – in fact, they asked if they could personally deliver the books to the children in need.

Renee Barfoot helped them. She’s a friend of the families and founder of Re:vive Foundation. Re:vive works with underprivileged families in apartment communities around Lake Highlands and Vickery Meadow, and Re:vive had just completed a bath towel and alarm clock drive for folks who’d recently moved to Trinity Palms and are receiving social services to become employable and find jobs.

“The girls’ moms and siblings all joined us on delivery yesterday, and it was amazing,” Renee told me. “Kids came to give hugs and greet us. When the kids opened the container with all the donated books inside, it was like they were given the best gift of their lives. They immediately wanted to fill their book corner with all the books, and the kids – all of them – worked together. Once the books were organized, they all started reading.”

“It was so neat to see how excited they all were about the books,” said Megan. “I hope we can go back and read with them sometime.” A photo slideshow is viewable here.

“This is really the first time that The Re:vive Foundation has gotten to see kids take a hands-on approach to our outreach,” said Renee, “and what I love the most is that it was these girls’ idea to start with – reason number 1 million and one why I love living in this community. From grandparents to children – people in Lake Highlands love people.”