Christina Haywood’s love for cooking began as child, growing up in Lafayette, La. After being laid off from her job as an engineer, she rediscovered that passion, and started Myla-Concepts, specializing in bite-sized desserts. Her cake pops — cake balls on a stick — have wowed her friends and customers. “You would have thought I brought everyone gold,” the Lake Highlands resident says. “Maybe this is just my calling.” While the cake ball trend has spread in Dallas over the past few years, Haywood says she hadn’t seen anyone put them on a stick before. She simply bakes the cake, crumbles it, mixes in the flavors, freezes it and then dips it in chocolate. Varieties include holiday flavors like gingerbread and pecan cake. Haywood also carries other tiny treats like brownie bites, candies, tartlets, mini cupcakes and petifores. Most items are $18-$24 a dozen. Haywood says the company requires lots of work, but it’s all worth it. “I definitely respect small businesses way more than I ever imagined,” she says.  —Emily Toman



1 D’Lish Desserts
A couple of White Rock area residents also are trying their hand at the online bakery business, offering gourmet cake balls and fruity dessert bars.

2 The Cake Ball Company
This neighborhood shop carries different cake ball flavors, blended with icing and dipped in creamy chocolate.
Easton & Northwest Highway

3 Black Forest Bakery
In conjunction with Henk’s European Deli, this shop specializes in cakes, small and large, including fruity and chocolate combinations.
Greenville & Northwest Hwy 214.987.9090