Emilio’s margarita.

Today is National Margarita Day, which gives you official permission to drink as many cold, tangy margaritas as you can find in Lake Highlands, and that’s quite a few. Enjoy yourself — as long as you’re not driving.

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Resident Taqueria

Margaritas at Resident Taqueria are much like the food — each day Chef Andrew Savoie is likely to craft something different. AAA Magazine named Resident one of Texas’ favorite restaurants in 2023, and Savoie is known for experimenting with gourmet ingredients and unique combinations to develop his delicious flavors.

You may view the full Resident Taqueria menu here, or visit them at 9661 Audelia.


When ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel went looking for margaritas in Dallas, he landed at Mariano’s, home of founder Mariano Martinez. Martinez created the frozen margarita machine in 1971 using a slurpee-making contraption, and now his invention sits in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C.

You may view the full Mariano’s menu here, or visit them at 6300 Skillman.


Enchilada’s is home to the Big E — an 60-ounce margarita popular with regulars who enjoy lingering on the indoor patio. Owners Tony and Cindy Waldrop opened the Greenville Avenue favorite in 1979, and neighbors have been returning since for Tex-Mex staples.

You may view the full Enchilada’s menu here, or visit them at 7050 Greenville.

Taco Joint

Taco Joint removed their bar last month, but you may still request tasty margaritas along with food and other drinks at the register. The place stays hopping with working folks at breakfast and lunch, busy families by night, and on warm weekends children spill out onto the pocket park in the middle of Lakeridge Village.

You may view the full Taco Joint menu here, or visit them at 9850 Walnut Hill.

Mi Cocina

Taco Diner is now closed at Skillman and Walnut Hill, but their sister restaurant, Mi Cocina, is serving up Mambo Taxis as fast as they can blend margaritas and frozen sangria. Between their two rooms inside, big friendly bar and giant patio — expanded seven years ago to include palm trees, twinkle lights and a bubbling fountain — you’ll have your choice of settings to sip a marg to your heart’s content.

You may view the full Mi Cocina menu here, or visit them at 9850 Walnut Hill.


Emilio’s doesn’t have the best visibility down in the Timber Creek bowl near Sam’s and Walmart, but they have a loyal following, and their margaritas pack a punch. Besides house rocks and frozen options, they offer peach, strawberry and mango flavors.

You may view the full Emilio’s menu here, or visit them at 6243 Retail Road.

El Vecino

Known for their Gran Abuelito, or great-grandfather, margarita, the menu at El Vecino is full of tequila-infused options, and you can work your way around their drink menu until you find your favorite. You may start with their Margarita of the Month, and pair it with their traditional “favoritos de la familia.”

You may view the full El Vecino menu here, or visit them at 718 N. Buckner.

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

Bacon, egg and cheese burritos for breakfast, Baja fish tacos for lunch, enchilada plate for dinner — Fuzzy’s has got you covered all day long. Their house FuzzyRita is available on the rocks or frozen, and you can order one serving or one gallon — and take it to go.

You may view the full Fuzzy’s menu here, or visit them at 10910 N. Central Expressway at Royal Lane.

Taco Cabana

The folks at Taco Cabana know which side their tortilla is buttered on. Their frozen margaritas are a mainstay of their menu, and they keep the machines running cold. Flavors can vary by day but generally include lime, mango and strawberry. Drinks may be taken to go and are only available with the purchase of food.

You may view the full Taco Cabana menu here, or visit them at 6919 Greenville.