It’s still the off-season for Lady Wildcat soccer (whoever decided to schedule this outdoor sport in January and February I’d like to strangle by the neck), but the girls are keeping themselves busy raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Here are a few ways you can jump in and help.

First, you can purchase their red long-sleeved t-shirts that say Wildcat Soccer. They’re available for $15 and perfect to wear on crisp fall Fridays to LH football games (click here to see the shirt). Team members can also been seen around LH collecting change for the cure, so lighten your walk and give them your coins.

Finally, you can go online to make a donation. “We are very aware that budgets are tight,” said head coach Misty Benson, “but any amount helps” in their battle against blood cancers. For more information or to wish Coach Benson’s team good luck, you can email her here.