Skyview wins Pogue Award

Ben Pogue, center, presents the award and $10,000 check to Skyview Principal Philip Bates, RISD Superintendent Dr. Kay Waggoner and Assistant Principal Ingrid Dodd

 When teachers and students at LH’s Skyview Elementary were called out of class to report to the cafeteria Thursday afternoon, they knew it had to be something big. Student assemblies aren’t uncommon, but they’re usually planned and announced weeks in advance.

After pajama-clad kiddos were tucked neatly into their rows (it’s Red Ribbon Week so they got to wear clothing to fit the day’s don’t-do-drugs theme), they got the good news. Skyview will receive a $10,000 check for campus use as a result of winning the Pogue Construction Flame Award.

Ben Pogue

Ben Pogue congratulates students and teachers while RISD administrators spell out "Skyview is a winner"

Ben Pogue, President and CEO of Pogue Construction, was on hand to deliver the check, along with Elizabeth Hart, head of the RISD Excellence in Education Foundation. RISD Superintendent Dr. Kay Waggoner presented balloons, ala the Publisher’s Clearing House Prize Patrol, to a beaming Philip Bates, Skyview’s principal. Teachers high-fived their students and each other.

“It’s a big surprise and a huge honor,” said Becky Lamberth, who teaches third grade and graduated from LHHS in 2001. “We’ve been making a big technology push, and this will help us out a ton.”

Skyview kids

Skyview students celebrate the announcement

Becky helped write the grant proposal, so she appreciates the work that money will do. “Tomorrow the kids begin ‘enrichment clusters,’ where they’ll get to choose a topic of interest to study, like baking, gardening, photography and others. This money will help purchase supplies so they can learn in a hands-on way.”

Skyview is a TEA Exemplary school with 88% of students considered economically disadvantaged. More than 25% have limited English proficiency. In selecting the school for the award, Dr. Waggoner noted their superior integration of technology, nurturing learning environment and engaged student body. Congratulations, Skyview!