Emily Hillman

Senior Emily Hillman says the Lady Cats are ready to play.

Tonight at LHHS, the Lady Wildcats play a volleyball double-header against Rowlett and McKinney, and senior Emily Hillman expects to win.

“The whole team is ready for our next two games,” says Emily. “We remember the energy present during our match against Rowlett last year in playoffs. We knew before we walked on the court what we wanted to do. And that is just what we did. The match was ours from beginning to end, no questions about it. We plan to take the same attitude into both of our upcoming home games, not underestimating what each team has to offer, but expecting to play our game and win.”

Emily says playing in the Pearland Classic over the weekend prepared them well. “I believe it was a success in every way.” She admits the first day was tough, since being seeded high brought tough opponents, but on day two “everyone stepped up. The team started clicking, and we began executing plays flawlessly. Some teams may have taken a game off of us, but that third game always belonged to the Cats.”

And nothing’s better than beating a cross-town rival. “A sweet victory against Highland Park secured us the silver championship (a very impressive finish for the size of the tournament),” beams Emily. “The team was more than ecstatic.”

Though they miss last year’s seniors, Emily says the tournament helped the team gel. “Behind the scenes, in the hotel rooms and on dinner outings, was where it all began. Every occurrence gave us a chance to bond, and we definitely took advantage of those. It became easier for all of us to trust each other on and off court. I was especially impressed with the varsity newcomers and their performance in the tournament. Knowing that we have leadership from all ages and experience levels gets me excited for the season and keeps my expectations high.”

The Cats tip off against Rowlett at 5 pm and face McKinney at 6:30. Go Cats!